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July 2011

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Modeling Undesirable Outputs in Data Envelopment Analysis ...
efficiency evaluation is Data Envelopment Analysis, DEA. In the course of . decision-maker's preferences over inputs, desirable outputs and undesirable output .

Efficiency Analysis of China's Commercial Banks Based on DEA ...
The approaches to bank efficiency analysis can be divided into two categories: . Secondly, DEA model requires that the input and output value should not be .

Data envelopment analysis (DEA) is a data oriented, non-parametric method to evaluate relative efficiency based on pre-selected inputs and outputs. In some cases, the . This is an input oriented constant returns to scale (CRS) model.

ExploreHD | Aerodyne Research, Inc.
ExploreHD implements the High Dimensional Model Representations (HDMR) . HDMR explains the input-output behavior of a system using a hierarchical . efficient global sensitivity analysis, readily providing information about how each .

Efficiency Analysis for Exogenously Fixed Inputs - The Astro Home ...
efficient production frontiers known as data envelopment analysis (DEA). We also employ the model to provide efficient input and output targets for DMU .

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Proposed and Recently Implemented NEPA Procedures

Evaluation and analysis to input-output efficiency of high tech - IEEE
The result shows high tech industry input-output efficiency in Hebei Province is a . C2GS2 model of DEA, then confirms indexes of input, transform and output of .

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  Forest Service Report on Sustainable Forests Offers Support for All-Lands Approach to Resource Management

A Review of Input-Output Analysis
substitution among inputs in open input-output analysis need not be assumed, for it is already implied in the assumptions of efficiency in production, constant .

Measuring Productive Efficiency in Input-Output Models by Means of ...
The model is empirically illustrated using the input-output tables for a set of OECD . Efficiency in Input-Output Models by Means of Data Envelopment Analysis .

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United States Air Force issues guidance to streamline environmental reviews

Equivalent standard DEA models to provide super- efficiency scores
analysis (DEA) constant returns to scale (CRS) model, later extended to . weightings of inputs and outputs, all efficient DMUs have equal scores of 100%, and .

Surface Transportation Efficiency Analysis Model (STEAM 2.0 ...
There are several input files required for a STEAM 2.0 analysis. . Network Output File - STEAM 2.0 model stores the minimum travel .

Energy and Environmental Efficiency Input-output Model and Its - IEEE
Energy and Environmental Efficiency Input-output Model and Its Analysis. Du Tao . MEP Key Laboratory on Eco-industry, Thermal Engineering Department, .

Data envelopment analysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is used to empirically measure productive efficiency of decision making units (or . "The framework has been adapted from multi-input, multi-output production . of this technique is that model specification and inclusion/exclusion of variables .

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Efficiency analysis has always interested researchers because of the relative . measure the efficiency of a unit of production in the single input-single output case. . In an output oriented model, a DMU is not efficient if it is possible to augment .

Research of higher education input-output efficiency based on - IEEE
A mathematical model was built to make analysis on higher education input- output efficiency. The model included eight input indicators and six output indicators .

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  • CBO | Working Paper 2010-04: Input-Output Model Analysis: Pricing ...
    Jun 18, 2010 . Working Paper 2010-04: Input-Output Model Analysis: Pricing Carbon Dioxide . Economists generally agree that efficient regulation of CO2 .

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Measuring Productive Efficiency in Input–Output Models by Means ...
Aug 9, 2007 . Introduction; 1 The Leontief Production Function, Technical Efficiency and the Input–Output Model; 2 Data Envelopment Analysis and Technical .


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Effective Environmental Policy:

    This chapter discusses the fundamental DEA models and some of their extensions. Key words: Data envelopment analysis (DEA); Efficiency; Performance. 1. . serious problem despite the numerous input and output variables used in the .

  • Comparative Research on Power Input and Efficiency of - IEEE
    In this paper, the city input-output efficiency analysis which includes electric power input has been done based on the extension models of DEA to Chinapsilas .

  • An input-output approach for the efficient design of sustainable ...
    An input-output approach for the efficient . recent applications of input-output analysis to conduct . are frequently formulated as input-output models with .

  • ACEEE | Economic & Social Analysis Program
    Economic modeling of energy-efficiency policy initiatives. We have an in-house input-output model we use to examine the macroeconomic and employment .

  • Multi-way metamodelling facilitates insight into the complex input ...
    Jul 20, 2012. such input-output maps is necessary for efficient model construction . data typically generated by dynamic models throughout the analysis.

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Input-Output Model Analysis: Pricing Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Economists generally agree that efficient regulation of CO2 emissions involves . specific application of input–output modeling to analyze the effects of a carbon .

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October - December 2011
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Energy and Environmental Efficiency Input-output Model and Its - IEEE
Further analysis showed that the use of residual heat and energy power generation . Energy and Environmental Efficiency Input-output Model and Its Analysis .

Waste Input–Output Linear Programming Model with its Application to
Waste Input–Output Linear. Programming Model with its. Application to Eco- Efficiency Analysis. YASUSHI KONDO & SHINICHIRO NAKAMURA. Faculty of .

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Technical efficiency estimation with multiple inputs and multiple ...
Notably, technical efficiency can be estimated using regression models characterized by . with multiple inputs and multiple outputs using regression analysis .

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Efficient Model Checking of Applications with Input/Output
Efficient Model Checking of Applications with. Input/Output. Cyrille Artho1, Boris Zweimüller2, Armin Biere3, Etsuya Shibayama1, and. Shinichi Honiden4 .

Comparing Input- and Output-Oriented Measures of Technical ...
Sep 1, 2008 . Efficiency to Determine Local Returns to Scale in DEA Models . the input- or output-oriented efficient projection of a technically inefficient input- output . It is well known in the nonparametric Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) .


Data Envelopment Analysis: Models and Extensions
analysis model for measuring the relative . m inputs and s outputs, the relative efficiency score of a test DMU . the following model proposed by Charnes et al.

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The input-output efficiency model analysis Group

Handbook of Input-Output Economics in Industrial Ecology
Series: Eco-Efficiency in Industry and Science, Vol. . One-stop shop for Input- Output Analysis (IOA) for Industrial Ecology (IE); Truly cross-disciplinary . First, various analytical tools and modeling techniques that are of particular importance to .

ACEEE | Economic Analysis and Jobs
One economic analysis tool is an input-output impact model of the economy that evaluates the macroeconomic impacts of a variety of energy efficiency and .

Evaluation and analysis of input-output efficiency of regional ...
The article firstly describes C 2 R model and C 2 GS 2 model of DEA method; secondly, it determines input and output indexes of Chinese equipment .

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EMS: Efficiency Measurement System User's Manual
Literature: EMS uses the idea of R. D. Banker and R. C. Morey (1986), Efficiency. Analysis for Exogenously Fixed Inputs and Outputs, Operations Research, 34, .

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Remember that input-output efficiency model analysis can assist you with any aspect of your NEPA document(s)

Financial Input-output Efficiency Analysis of Water-transporting ...
The financial input-output efficiency of eleven water-transporting logistics . Analysis of the Multasking Principal-agent Model in the Housing Management .

Improving Communication from the Federal Government to the Public
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Efficient input-output model representations
Efficient input-output model representations. Authors: Rabitz . Keywords: Function approximation, Multivariate analysis, Statistical analysis, Modelling. DOI : .

The Econometric Approach to Efficiency Analysis
Aug 24, 2007 . The Econometric Approach to Efficiency Analysis. 93 outputs, and prices of the inputs. The estimation of frontier functions is the econometric .

Research on the influencing factors analysis of the input-output - IEEE
Sep 18, 2011 . In order to solve it, the input-output efficiency assessment index . and a novel model based on data envelopment analysis (DEA) and grey .

The Technology Input-Output Evaluation Model Based on - IEEE
To evaluate the technology input-output is of great realistic meaning to the reasonable usage of the resources and the improvement of the capital using efficiency. According . data envelopment analysis , research and development , statistics .

FEAR: A Software Package for Frontier Efficiency Analysis with R
lationship between production inputs and outputs. Until very recently the nonparametric efficiency literature has ignored statistical issues such as inference, .

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Health Care Efficiency Measures, Chapter 2
A principal task was to create an analytic framework, or typology, of efficiency. . Inputs: what resources are used to produce the output? . stochastic frontier analysis (SFA), can be used to model efficiency using multiple inputs and outputs .


A New Model for Classifying Inputs and Outputs - IEEE Xplore ...
A New Model for Classifying Inputs and Outputs and Evaluating the DMUs Efficiency in DEA Based on Cobb-Douglas Production Function .